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Digi Piggy

by dennis

One of the more important things that parents can teach their children is making them aware of the value of money. Parents can start teaching their kids to save money early. This process can even be made fun by getting this unique Digi Piggy.

Digi Piggy is a modern version of the classic piggy bank. Kids can use it to save those coins little by little on this piggy bank with a modern twist- it comes with a coin counter. This allows kids to see how much they have saved on the Digi Piggy over a period of time.

The Digi Piggy is able to distinguish between Canadian and US coins. The LCD display on the piggy’s snout indicates the amount already saved on this modern piggy bank. It provides kids with motivation to save even more as they are able to see their saving progress. Made of durable plastic, the Digi Piggy also has a simple twist lid to make withdrawals easier and reusing the piggy bank convenient. The Digi Piggy is available at the Digi Piggy site for US$15.

Image Source: Digi Piggy

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