Design And Drill Activity Center

Imagination and creativity come in abundance in most kids. But the problem is that these important skills may diminish as they grow older, especially when they do not spend the time to develop them. Honing such skills need not be tedious and boring. Kids can easily sharpen their imagination and creativity through various fun activities. The Design and Drill Activity Center is a tool that will help them achieve just that.

The Design and Drill Activity Center is a unique way for kids to hone their imagination and creativity. This toy set allows them to create patterns, images and personal designs in a unique way. It comes with a blank grid with holes. Kids can create images and patterns by placing colorful bolts into the blank grid using a kid-safe reversible power drill with inter-changeable tool bits like a flat tip, Philips and socket. Kids can also use the accompanying screwdriver handle to attach the colorful bolts. Twenty colorful activity cards instruct kids to make a pattern or picture on the activity grid. Kids can also use the combination box and open wrench to remove the bolts afterwards.

The Design and Drill Activity Center allows kids to develop not only their hand and eye coordination but also their creativity and imagination in making patterns and images using the tools at hand. The Design and Drill Activity Center is designed for kids from three years old and above and is available at Toys R’ Us for $40.

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