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CyberCycle RC Motorcycle

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Some boys just love to play with remote controlled toys. It seems that these toys are now a dime a dozen. There was a time when kids were amazed just to see toy cars, trucks and even robots that can be made to go in different directions using a wireless remote control. But technology has made wireless controls quite common, even for toys. That is why it takes more to keep kids take second glances on wireless remote control toys. The new CyberCycle RC motorcycle does it through its sheer looks.

The CyberCycle RC Motorcycle may not look like what most kids today are familiar with. For one thing, it is a futuristic looking motorcycle with wide wheels and unique body shape. It looks like the motorcycle from the Batman movies. The CyberCycle RC Motorcycle comes with a remote control with two joystick controls- for moving forward and backward and another for going left or right. Two-wheel steering ensures precise maneuverability. Despite running only on two wheels, the CyberCycle RC comes with a self-righting feature that keeps it stable and balanced. The motorcycle is made up of strong and durable materials. The motorcycle requires five AA batteries while the remote control requires one 9-volt battery. Playing with the CyberCycle RC encourages a child’s fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination as well as imaginative play. It is ideal for kids from 5 years old and below and is available at Fat Brain Toys for $40.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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