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Cyber Robot Building Set

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Many kids nowadays are not just satisfied with the usual toys. With the technology now available today, there are kids who prefer playing with advanced toys like robots. While there are toy robots that kids play with as action figures, there are also sets that function as real robots. This Cyber Robot building set is the toy for that kid who prefer building and programming an actual robot.

The Cyber Robot Building Set is designed for budding engineers who wish to build their own robot. It is also the toy for those kids who wish to learn and understand more about robots. It provides the parts and the instructions for kids to assemble and build their own robot. Not only that, kids can also program the robot in order to perform a variety of tasks.

Once kids have completed assembling the Cyber Robot by following the illustrated instructions, there are three modes of interaction that kids can have with the robot- Real Time, Programmable, and Self-Learning. In Real Time, the kids can control the robot using their smartphone or tablet with the Cyber Robot app installed. In the Programmable Mode, kids will be able to program the robot from the app downloaded on their portable device to make the robot perform certain actions such as making sounds or changing speeds. Don’t have a tablet or smartphone? Not to worry, the Cyber Robot can be programmable directly from the buttons on the robot’s  circuit board. In the Self-Learning mode, kids can program a certain sequence, record the actions and then look at how the robot can carry it out in real time.

The Cyber Robot is an entertaining way to introduce kids into the world of robotics. Not only that, playing with this robot will help encourage kids develop an interest in engineering. It can also help develop their visual-spatial, logic, problem solving skills as well as help encourage creativity. Detailed instructions are provided to help guide the kids on how to fully appreciate what this robot can do. The Cyber Robot is ideal for kids from 8 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $55.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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