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The Cubetto Coding Playset Teaches Kids About Coding

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If you really look into it, kids nowadays have more advanced minds than their parents were when they were kids then. Thanks to technology, many parents have discovered that kids can absorb a lot of things taught to them or what they can learn through sheer observance. Take using tablets and smartphones for example. Kids nowadays know how to use them more than most adults do. In a way, parents like us realize that there just seems no limit to what kids can learn even at an early age. All it takes is giving them an environment where learning is fun for them, like having this Cubetto Coding Playset at home.
The Cubetto Coding Playset is designed to introducing the world of computer coding to kids in a fun way. It features an interactive robot and a coding board with slots for 16 colorful coding blocks. The set also comes with a story book that provides kids with a guide on what to do. The Cubetto Coding Playset teaches kids about coding without the need of a computer screen or knowing programming languages. Kids learn by following a storyline of Cubetto’s first day of school.
The storybook provides the guide on what the kids need to do with Cubetto. The first pages contain simple instructions such as moving the robot from one place to another on the map. The instructions eventually get more and more complex as kids learn how to use the action blocks on the coding board in order to accomplish the instructions given. As kids continue playing with the game, they will later learn the basics of coding. Not only that, kids will also be able to develop their fine motor skills, their visual-spatial skills, problem solving, critical thinking, logic, and planning. Ideal for kids from 5 years old and above, the Cubetto Coding Playset is available at Fat Brain Toys for $275.
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