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Creative Baby iMat With Voice Pen

by dennis

Kids are always interested of all the things that they see. That is why it is important for kids to always have that visual stimulation that would help them be more interested in their surroundings. It will even be better if they can interact with them as well. The Creative Baby iMat may be something that would help provide that kind of early sensory stimulation.

The Creative Baby iMat is an interactive soft foam mat that is more than just an ordinary floor cushion to place in a kid’s play area. It features a full color illustration of animals from all around the world. It becomes a fun visual treat for kids to enjoy. But it is more than just that.

The Creative Baby iMat also comes with a Voice Pen that brings life to the iMat. Having the pen touch different animals found on the foam mat makes them “talk” as well as causes songs to play. The Voice Pen also comes with a voice recorder that can capture special moments. As the child grows, the iMat can also be used to teach kids vocabulary and comprehension skills. A creative play mat to add into any play room, the Creative Baby iMat is available for US$90.

Image Source: Creative Baby

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