Create & Learn Card Pack- Alphabet

When it comes to toys, most kids just cannot get enough of playing with tablets. With a wealth of apps available, the iPad and even the iPhone provides different ways for kids to play games. These devices can now even be used as the most ideal educational tool for kids that is both fun and engaging. The Create & Learn Card Pack- Alphabet set will be a unique way to teach your kids about the alphabet.

The Create & Learn Card Pack- Alphabet makes use of today’s technology to make learning more fun for kids. The set contains a number of letter cards with images that is related to each letter. But they are more than just ordinary letter flash cards. These cards employ the magic of augmented reality when viewed from an iPad or iPhone camera. The images on each card starts to come to life with animation, giving kids an interesting experience in learning the alphabet.

The Create & Learn Card Pack- Alphabet works with the iPad and iPhone by downloading the free Create & Learn app available in the App Store. The app provides kids with different modes to learn about the alphabet, there is the Learn, Create and the Explore modes that kids can try out. The Create & Learn Card Pack- Alphabet is ideal for kids from three years old and above. It also requires an iOS device and the Create & Learn app to take advantage of the AR feature. The card pack is available at Fisher Price for $10.

Image Source: Fisher Price

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