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Crazy Forts Flexi Forts

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Kids love to role play all the time. They imagine being an adventurer or an explorer going to different places. They can even imagine living in their own castle or rule over a kingdom. They can do this right in their room. Their active imaginations can help get them places that they probably will not be able to go to in real life. But their imagination can sometimes get some boost with fun props to play with. This Crazy Forts Flexi Forts can help provide An ideal structure to help their playful imaginations run free as they do some role playing games.

The Crazy Forts Flexi Forts is a unique building set that kids can play with in different ways. It features forty-four flexible sticks and twenty-five connecting balls to help kids build different structures their imaginations can come up with. They can build their own castle, a circus tent, a rocket ship, an airplane or anything that their creativity can fancy. The building set comes with step by step instructions to help kids build them. But what they can build using the Crazy Forts Flexi Forts is only limited by their creativity. It is a good way to help complement role playing games that many kids play. The Crazy Forts Flexi Forts is an ideal toy to help boost the creativity of kids from 5 years old and up. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $55.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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