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Crazy Face Magnetibook

by dennis

Children are naturally creative. They tend to try to recreate things in their mind and would want to use their hands to do so. Parents should try to develop a kid’s creativity this early so that it can be nurtured over time and develops even further. There are toys like the Crazy Face Magnetibook that will help develop this creativity in a fun way.

The Crazy Face Magnetibook is designed like a book but is actually a box containing a wide range of magnetic facial features like eyes, mouth, ears, and other items as well. The cover of the box comes with a blank face where kids can try to develop their creativity by creating a face using the magnetic contents of the box. It helps develop not only a kid’s creativity but also their short-term memory and their fine motor skills.

With over 62 pieces of durable magnetic cardboard designed with non-toxic food grade dyes, kids will have different ways of creating faces and will have hours and hours of fun doing it. It is an ideal toy to have during travels and trips to keep kids occupied. The Crazy Face Magnetibook is designed for kids 3 years old and above. It is available at the MoMa Store for US$15.

Image Source: MoMa Store

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