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Crazy Cereal Electronic Game

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Many kids can mistake food prepared for them for toys. That is why many parents get crazy when kids begin to play with them instead of just eating them straight up. But kids are just kids. They are of the playful kind, especially at their age. What parents like us can do is provide some fun alternative that will not be as messy and troublesome. Kids will have fun with food with toys like the Crazy Cereal Electronic Game.

The Crazy Cereal Electronic Game is a unique game that is based on cereals that kids eat almost every day. In a way, they will be playing with food. But in this case, it becomes a more entertaining and a mentally stimulating activity. The objective of the game is to scoop up cereal pieces according to the color of the spoon. While that is already a challenge in itself, the game comes with a spoon that also changes color every so often. Kids need to be alert to scoop up only the cereals in their bowl that is of the same color their spoon becomes. The spoon can also display a flashing light, in which case kids can scoop up two cereal pieces of any color. Kids can only scoop up an orange cereal when the spoon light is flashing. Game stops when the contents of the big bowl are empty. The player who gets the most cereal pieces wins.

The Crazy Cereal Electronic Game comes with 45 cereal pieces in different colors, 2 player bowls, 2 electronic spoons, and a cereal serving bowl. The game helps kids develop their focus, manual dexterity, and quick thinking. This fun game set is ideal for kids as young as 4 years old. The Crazy Cereal Electronic Game is available at Fat Brain Toys for $23.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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