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Crayola Paint Pattern Roller

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Kids love to release their creative energy in different ways. Some kids do it through telling stories. Some kids do it through active role-playing. Others like to do it through drawing or painting. Whatever the method chosen, using different play tools is a good way to help kids enhance the progress and development of their creative skills. For kids who love to create art through drawing or painting, having creative toys like this Crayola Paint Pattern Roller will always be a welcome addition to a kid’s treasure trove of different toys.

The Crayola Paint Pattern Roller will help kids explore the many creative ways to use a paint roller for art. These are not just your typical paint rollers. The set comes with three paint rollers with different patterns such as wavy lines, stars or flowers. Kids can place the roller into the paint tray filed with paint and then roll the different patterns on paper or flat surfaces that will act as the canvas. Kids can create waterfalls using the wavy-line roller. They can add in a starry sky with the star roller. Kids can also create a garden using the flower roller.

There are different creative ways kids will be able to use the Crayola Paint Pattern Roller. Kids can use it to create artworks or even decorate their own bedroom walls using kid-friendly paint. This toy helps kids develop their fine motor skills as well as hone their creativity and develop their focus. The set comes with three pattern rollers, a handle and a paint tray. Paint is not included. Ideal for kids from 3 years old and above, the Crayola Paint Pattern Roller is available at Fat Brain Toys for $6.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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