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Crayola Digital Light Designer

by admin

What makes toys sometimes intriguing is the way that they try to capture a kid’s imagination. There are toys that help nurture and develop a kid’s creativity and imagination while growing up. One of the unique toys that can probably help kids at play develop their creativity is by this new Crayola Digital light Designer.

Crayola has since developed into a company that no longer just comes up with those colorful writing implements that they have been known for. They have become a company that developed other toys and products designed specifically for kids. One of them is this new and unique Crayola Digital Light Designer.

The Crayola Digital Light Designer is a creative toy that allows kids to create digital light drawings on a 360 degree domed drawing surface filled with LED’s. Kids make use of a digital light stylus to help them create light drawings on the dome. The colored LED technology makes this possible. With the stylus, the kids can select from 8 colors and line width to help them start with their free drawing. The stylus also allows the kids to erase and redraw on their creations.

What makes the Crayola Digital Light Designer unique is that special effects like animation can be added into the drawings to make them as dynamic creations. These drawings can be saved up in the gallery so that kids can redo and add up other effects in their drawings and enjoy the results. The toy also comes with interactive game modes and activities to keep kids engaged and interested. The Crayola Digital Light Designer is expected to come out sometime in September and will cost around US$50.

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