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Crayola Color Wonder Magic Light Brush

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Many kids discover their creative sides by drawing. Once they discover pen and paper, they just try to experiment and start drawing. Not only that, they eventually discover that they can draw practically anywhere- walls, floors, bed sheets, the sofa, and more. In short, kids can easily make a mess at home just by the time they learn how to draw. I know parents would not like any of it but they do not want to hinder how kids continue to explore what they are capable of doing and how they practice their creativity. This Crayola Color Wonder Magic Light Brush can do just that.

The Crayola Color Wonder Light Brush helps introduce kids to the joys of creating art with their hands. But this time, there will be no mess. That is because the set comes with a unique magic light brush. This brush lights up and makes use of a special safe and colorless liquid. The colors only burst out into different colors when it is brushed into a special Color Wonder paper. Touching the magic brush with a particular liquid in its container will make the brush light up to a particular color it stands for.   

With the Crayola Color Wonder Magic Light Brush, kids can have a way to create artwork that will not end up into a mess of different colors in the play area. The special colorless liquid used only reacts to the special paper that is included in the art set. On one end, parents do not have to watch over their kids constantly and prevent making a mess afterwards. On the other, kids can continue to be fascinated with playing with colors and becoming creative without the fear of making a mess of everything afterwards. The Crayola Color Wonder Light Brush for this year is expected to be available sometime this summer for around $20.

Image Source: The Toy Insider

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