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Crayola Air Dry Clay

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Playing with clay is a good way for the kids to harness their creativity by building objects using their hands. It also introduces them to learn how to work with different materials as they try to develop a number of building projects. This Crayola Air Dry Clay offers a convenient solution for those kids who like try out a different type of clay.

The Crayola Air Dry Clay is a great alternative for kids who likes to create clay-based projects without having to bake them to get the finished product. This is a natural white earth clay hardens naturally within a few days. Users do not need to use and oven or kiln to bake the clay. When it has dried, users can further decorate it with paint or varnish.

The Crayola Air Dry Clay also has a smooth and pliable texture, making it easy for the kids to work with. It is also less sticky than traditional clay. If kids find some dried up leftover clay, they will discover that the clay softens easily with water. It also removes easily from surfaces when cleaning. A five pound bucket of Crayola Air Dry Clay is available at Toys R’ Us for $11.

Image Source: Toys R’ Us

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