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Crankity Brainteaser 

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When it comes to puzzles, variety makes it interesting. Kids can only play with one puzzle for so long before they get bored with it. A mixture of different puzzles will not only help prevent boredom, it can also help kids develop different perspectives in looking at solving them. Among the selection of puzzles out there, the Crankity Brainteaser is one great addition to the collection. 


The Crankity Brainteaser is a unique puzzle that is based on gears. Yes, the puzzle pieces are different sizes of  gears, 15 of them to be exact. The objective of the puzzle is to add the gears together in the gear tray based on the puzzle card in such a way that will enable all the gears to work when the initial yellow gear is turned. The puzzle is solved when all the added gear in the contraption spins. 


The Crankity Brainteaser comes with 40 puzzle cards to start solving. Kids only need to slide a chosen card into the gear tray. Then they place the red and yellow gear on the area as indicated on the card. Players can then try to use the gears available to connect the red and yellow gears and create a contraption that works when one gear is turned. 


The Crankity Brainteaser is a good way for kids to develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It can also help them develop their focus and concentration as they try to solve each puzzle. The set is handy enough to bring along during trips for some puzzle challenges while on the road. The Crankity Brainteaser is ideal for kids from 6 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $20. 

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys 

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