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Craft-tastic Yarn Tree

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Many kids love to start a home craft project. Creating something with their hands can give them that sense of accomplishment that can further boost their confidence and self-esteem. And with certain home crafts, kids would love to make something that can also be functional. This Craft-tastic Yarn Tree can be just that.

The Craft-tastic Yarn Tree is a home project that will enable kids to create a tree wrapped up in colorful yarn. Kids start with the tree wire with plastic coated tips to make it safer for kids to handle. Kids then have a choice from different colorful yarns to wrap the wire tree in different ways. Kids can become more creative trying out the different color combinations to come up with a yarn tree that they can be proud of.

Standing 18 inches tall, the Craft-tastic Yarn Tree can also be functional in that kids can use the finished tree as a necklace or jewelry holder. Each branch of the wire tree is bendable and the kids can try to position the tree is different ways to make it look unique from one day to the next. Doing the Craft-tastic Yarn Tree can help kids develop their sense of self-expression as well as their crafts skills. Ideal for kids from 8 years old and above, the Craft-tastic Yarn Tree is available at Fat Brain Toys for $32.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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