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Cra-Z-Sand Magic Sand Machine

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Kids love to play with sand. But they can be quite messy after kids play with them. This can be quite a cleanup nightmare for the parents. Not only that, real sand also comes in a single color, which can limit what kids can do to play with them. A better alternative will be using those synthetic sand compounds that are now becoming more popular. With the Cra-Z-Sand Magic Sand Machine, kids can even create sand in different colors to play with.

The Cra-Z-Sand Magic Sand Machine set is a unique contraption kids can use with their Cra-Z Sand. It will allow kids to create different colored Cra-Z Sand to play with. Kinds only need to place some white Cra-Z sand into the machine, add some chosen color or glitter and watch sand transform at every turn of the hand crank. Many kids will love watching the process of turning Cra-Z Sand into a different color using the Cra-Z-Sand Magic Sand Machine. Kids can then use the molds to create Cra-Z Sand object in a wide variety of colors.

The Cra-Z-Sand Magic Sand Machine comes with the special hand mixer, 5 different color mixes, glitter and molds to play with. With this set, kids will be able to make their own Cra-Z Sand in 100 different colors. Ideal for kids from 6 years old and above, the Cra-Z-Sand Magic Sand Machine is expected to be available at Toys R’ Us for $30.

Image Source: Toys R’ Us

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