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Country Critters Play Cube

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The best way to make sure that toddlers do not become unruly is by keeping them occupied with activities. Give them something to play with and kids usually stay quiet and behaved. But then again, they remain this way until they get bored playing with the same thing for hours. You need to provide them with different things to do to make them stay behaved longer. The Country Critters Play Cube will be the ideal toy to have for kids who love to do a variety of fun activities.

The Country Critters Play Cube is not just a toy. It is an activity and learning hub that parents will find valuable. Built specifically with the toddlers in mind, the Country Critters Play Cube is a fun playground for the mind and the senses. The five sides of the Play Cube presents kids with different activities to try out. There is the Bead Mazes on the top surface. It is made up of wire mazes with wooden fishes that kids can move along the wire in the right direction. It helps develop a kid’s fine motor skills when moving the wooden fish with his fingers.

There is also the Shape Sorter where kids can identify with wooden pieces of different shapes and colors and place them on the corresponding spaces on the Play Cube. Then there is the Color Match where kids can navigate different colorful critters around the wooden maze to their respective color areas. It helps develop a kid’s color recognition and categorization. There is also a Rotating Maze, which makes an enclosed honeycomb maze to go round and round when kids give it a spin. Kids can also place wooden bees into their little honeycomb shelves. The Ball Roller Coaster teaches kids about cause and effect aside from providing some visual stimulation. Kids need to line up three critter balls and place them on the cutout circles located on top of the Play Cube. Using a wooden hammer, kids can pound on the balls and watch them go rolling down into a sidetrack.

The Country Critters Play Cube is an ideal toy for toddlers who always look for some things to do. The activities this toy can offer will provide kids with hours and hours of fun and learning. It is designed for toddlers from a year old and above. The Country Critters Play Cube is available at Fat Brain Toys for $135.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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