Counting Shape Stacker

Kids love to do many activities using their hands. While it may seem to be nothing to most parents, such activities can actually help kids develop in so many ways. Toys like the Counting Shape Stacker that enable toddlers to make use of their hands actually help them become learn a lot of things.

The Counting Shape Stacker is a toy that kids can learn from and have fun as well. It features a set of wooden pegs and wooden pieces in different shapes and colors. Toddlers can then try to place the wooden pieces into the different wooden pegs. Each set of colored tile pieces take on a different shape so kids can learn how to distinguish them through stacking and sorting.

There is also a numbered wooden tile that sits in front of each peg. The number is printed on one side and the name of the number on the other side. Pull the tile off and there is an image representation of the shapes and number that can fit into each peg. Through this, kids can learn early on how to associate what they see in terms of printed images and try to associate them with the 3D concepts in the form of the wooden tiles.

With the Counting Shape Stacker, kids can learn more about sorting, organizing and sequencing. This also enable kids to develop and improve their hand-eye coordination as well s their understanding of math and counting. The play set includes a stacker board with pegs, 55 wooden shapes and 10 number tiles. Made of natural and colorful wooden pieces, kids can have a lot of fun playing with this classic wooden stacker. Ideal for kids from 2 years old and above, the Counting Shape Stacker is available at Fat Brain Toys for $24. 95.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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