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Coolpad Dyno Smartwatch

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Most of the kids today benefits from the technology that’s just within the grasp of their hands. The same advances can also be greatly used for the betterment of their health as well as their safety. The latter is of the utmost importance for parents when it comes to their kids. There is where the new Coolpad Dyno Smartwatch may find some great interest.

The Coolpad Dyno Smartwatch is specifically designed for a kid’s safety. It is more than just a watch that kids use to tell the time. It also functions as a unique safety device for children by ensuring that parents know where they are. This smartwatch features 4G LTE connectivity to allow parents to send text or even voice messages to the kids who wear it. In cases of extreme emergencies, the watch also comes with a dedicated SOS button that kids can press when they need immediate help.

The Coolpad Dyno Smartwatch also features other settings for added peace of mind. It comes with only a parent-approved contact list that kids can notify when needed. This ensures that kids can only call those who they know and prevent potential threats from communicating with the wearer. Parents can also set safe zones with the watch and alert them in case kids wearing the watch go beyond the set boundaries. The watch is also designed to be dust and splash resistant. It features a simple and animated interface that appeals to kids so that they won’t shy away from wearing one. The new Coolpad Dyno Smartwatch is now available at the Dynokids website for $150.   

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