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Cool Science Tricks

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Kids love to explore all the things around them. We parents usually have to deal with many questions that sometimes we cannot explain fully well. Why not let our kids find out for themselves? There are books like the Cool Science Tricks that will help them discover about science through experiments.

The Cool Science Tricks is a book about 50 scientific tricks that will teach kids about science and many things around them with experiments that are designed to impress. kids can learn how to make a popsicle stick move in the water using soap. They will learn how to turn a glass of water over without spilling the water. The book instructs kids how to set up the experiments, how to get the household-ready supplies and explains the science behind each trick. Illustrations are available to help provide clearer explanation of what happens.

The Cool Science Tricks book helps kids get excited about science. They will further explore learning other things once they are hooked. Kids can even use the tricks to impress an audience of friends and family members. The Cool Science Tricks is a hardcover book available at Fat Brain Toys for $15. Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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