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Cool Circuits Puzzle Set

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Kids may look as toy puzzles differently. There are kids who may love to solve them. There are also others who may not bother playing with them. If you like to give your kids some mental challenges to help develop their problem solving skills, giving them toy puzzles may be a good idea. This Cool Circuits Puzzle may offer that experience is a unique type of puzzle.

The Cool Circuits Puzzle is a unique toy that involves building electrical circuits on the board. The challenge is on trying to complete 40 puzzles using the eight 3D fluorescent circuit pieces. The way to solve the puzzles is to build complete circuits on the board using one of the 40 puzzle cards that come with the set. Placing the pieces carefully into the puzzle board may seem easy, but it is not. You will know if you have solved the puzzle if the board plays some music and flashes blue.

The Cool Circuits Puzzle is designed for kids 8 years old and above. Even adults may find it very challenging. It may look easy at first glance. But once kids try to solve the puzzles, they are challenged. The light up board provides positive reinforcement as it flashes and sounds when the puzzle is solved. The puzzle set requires three AAA batteries. The Cool Circuits Puzzle is available at Think Geek for $25.

Image Source: Think Geek

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