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Connect 4 Twist & Turn Game

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Playing with puzzles help kids develop logic and critical thinking. It also helps them develop a mind for problem solving at an early age. Puzzle toys will help encourage kids develop that knack for puzzle solving. Playing with like-minded kids will also up the ante when it comes to challenges. Toys like the Connect 4 Twist & Turn will help provide kids with quite a lot of fun solving puzzles with opponents on the side to deal with as well.

The Connect 4 Twist & Turn is a new twist to the classic 4-in-a-row game. The classic game features an upright frame with slots to drop in colored tokens. The first player to connect four tokens of the same color in a row wins. In the Connect 4 Twist & Turn game, kids play the game by putting the colored tokens in a rotating tower. Kids have a choice to twist the tower to the left or right after dropping their colored token. The added challenge gives kids to find other ways to strategize and win. They can prevent opponents from creating that winning combination with a twist. They can also use the twist into their advantage by tricking opponents into twisting the tower to their advantage.

The Connect 4 Twist & Turn is quite a mental stimulation of a game where the stakes are even more challenging. The game helps encourage kids to develop their fine motor skills, as well as critical thinking, focus, strategy and logic. It is an ideal game for kids from 6 years old and above to play with. The Connect 4 Twist & Turn game is available at Fat Brain Toys for $18.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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