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Computer Cool School

by admin

With computers becoming a common household item, even kids now know how to use them. Even those toddlers would want to play with them and use them all the time. Parents can use this interest in computers among their smaller kids to start them on the path of learning. One toy that will help them is the Computer Cool School from Fisher Price.

The Fisher Price Computer Cool School is a kid-friendly keyboard that, when connected, can help convert the PC into a system of learning for kids. It provides five learning centers of skill building activities to educate them on reading, writing, math, science, art and music. All in all, it provides a planned curriculum geared towards teaching kids at the pre-school level. Composed of a keyboard and a writing tablet with stylus, the Computer Cool School is also an interesting and fun way to introduce your kids to the computer. The Fisher Price Computer Cool School is available at Fisher Price for $38.

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