Colossal Paper Machines

Many kids would love a good read. Now, many parents will think that is funny. Most kids will prefer to play with toys rather than sit down and read a good book. After all, that is just how kids are. But that is not always true. It sometimes will depend on what type of book kids read. And with a book like the Colossal Paper Machines, many kids will do just that- sit down, read and play as well.

The Colossal Paper Machines is not just your typical book for kids. It is an oversized book that comes with interactive paper models that kids can build by themselves. Yes, kids can read all about the coolest big machines and then get to fold and build paper models out of the pages. Mind you, when kids are done creating the paper model machines, they really have moving parts that kids will love to play with. And for kids who are interested about big machines, this book will certainly be worth a sit down and some attention.

The Colossal Paper Machines book features 10 big machines along with information about their history and how they work. Each machine also comes with a paper model that kids can pop-out and fold. Each page is made out of sturdy card stock, which is ideal for creating the paper models. The folds are perforated for easy handling. Creating the paper models will also require gluing as well. Detailed step-by-step instructions will help guide kids every step of the way.

The Colossal Paper Machines book is created by gifted paper engineer and artist Phil Conigliaro. It is an ideal read for kids from 6 years old and above. The 128-page Colossal Paper Machines book is available at Amazon for around $18.

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