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Coloring books are still very popular among kids. Providing them with one and a box of crayons is a fun activity that many kids can do for hours. But some kids can end up with torn pages because of the excitement or can use up all the pages with nothing left to color. If you wish to give your child something new and exciting for a coloring activity, this Color Scroller may be a good toy to consider.

The Color Scroller is a unique tool kids will love to use for their next coloring activity. Instead of the usual coloring book, kids have a device that comes with a compact scroll of images in need of colors. The toy also comes with a set of crayons stored safely in the slide-out drawer built into the Color Scroller. Kids can start coloring images right away. Once they are done with one image, kids only need to turn a crank on either side of the scroll to reveal a new image to color. And when kids finish coloring up a scroll of images, parents can just remove them from the spools and insert a new scroll.

The Color Scroller comes with 2 paper scrolls with 50 images each. It also comes with a set of 8 crayons that can be stored in a slide-out drawer. It is a convenient toy set that kids who love coloring will really appreciate. The Color Scroller is available at Fat Brain Toys for $13.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys


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