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Color Cube Sudoku

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Puzzles and games can help stimulate the minds of kids. The earlier they start trying to play puzzle games, the better their mental development will be. But it also depends on what tools kids use to for this. The Color Cube Sudoku game is one good example that kids will enjoy playing.

The Color Cube Sudoku from Thinkfun is a unique game that combines two different popular games into one. Some people may think that it will be like Rubik’s cube because of the colors, but it’s not. It features color cubes and a 3×3 tray where the game is played. Each face of each cube comes with 4 different colors. Kids will play it similar to Sudoko. But instead of numbers, kids will try to use colors. In this game, kids are to arrange the color cubes in the 3×3 tray in such a way that only one type of color appears in each row or column. Kids spend time trying to flip the cubes one after the other in order to arrange the color cubes the correct way.

Kids can have hours and hours of fun trying to make the correct color pattern. But once they get the hang of solving the puzzle, there are additional Bonus challenges that kids can do. This game helps kids develop their logic and problem solving skills. Ideal for kids from 8 years old and above, the Color Cube Sudoku game is available at Thinkfun for $20.

Image Source: Thinkfun


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