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City Maze GPS Puzzle

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Kids love playing different games. Some love games that allow them to role-play while some love games that send them on adventures. There are also kids who prefer solving puzzles. For the latter, games like the City Maze GPS Puzzle can provide interesting challenges to solve.

The City Maze GPS Puzzle is a game that allows players to create routes from start to end. It is composed of a board with a grid of roads. There are two cross route markers and six different arrow pieces with two colored sides that can be used to create routes in either red or blue. The objective of the game is to create routes from start to end. There are different puzzles provided in the puzzles booklet that come with the game. Kids can try to solve 120 puzzles that range from easy ones to expert challenges divided into 5 levels.

The City Maze GPS Puzzle helps encourage logic and creative thinking while trying to solve the puzzles. The puzzle game is designed with a compact board with a built-in lid, making it an ideal travel activity companion for kids. It is ideal for 7 years old kids and above. The City Maze GPS Puzzle is available at Fat Brain Toys for $16.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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