CircuitMess STEM Box

Toys that many kids have today can both provide fun as well as learning. There are modern educational toys that can teach kids the wonders of technology at an early age. After all, kids can absorb more knowledge when they learn by doing things and not just by reading books. The CircuitMess STEM Box may be considered as an example.

The new CircuitMess STEM Box aims to help kids learn about the ins and outs of technology while still young. Grasping a basic understanding on STEM subjects will enable young minds to easily cope up with more advanced concepts later on. The CircuitMess STEM Box is a series of fun electronic kits that aims to teach kids the basics about new technology. They are introducing six different box sets that come with all the parts, instructions, and tools needed for each technology project.
There is the Spencer kit that will teach kids how to create a DIY voice assistant. There is also the Jay-D kit for building a DJ mixtable. The Wheelson kit will teach kids how to make an AI Self-driving car. The ByteBoi kit teaches kids how to create a retro game console. The Chatter kit will teach kids how to build and code a wireless communicator. The Clockstar Kit will introduce kids to building and coding a smartwatch.

With the CircuitMess STEM Box sets, kids will explore the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and do it in a fun and interactive way. It will open their eyes to the power of coding and how it can be used in a variety of ways. Each box set is designed to teach kids from 11 years old and above how to do these tech projects with easy to understand instructions and processes. The CircuitMess STEM Box sets has recently completed a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Interested parties can still get the first Spencer Box set for around $79 while the deal is still available. The first box set is expected to ship out sometime in November of this year.
Image Source: Kickstarter

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