Chrono Bomb Game

Many kids today seem to lack exercise. This is one of the major reasons why the number of kids suffering from obesity is increasing. Encouraging physical activity as part of a child’s playtime is important. But first, parents need to make it fun and something that many kids will enjoy doing. Having this Chrono Bomb game around can help do just that.

The Chrono Bomb game offers kids a way to include a good amount of physical activity as part of their usual playtime. This game involves a kid’s dexterity and gross motor skills. Kids or the parents can set up the made-up laser field composed of a string and clamps that comes included with the game set. The laser string is attached to a sensor so that it will know if someone touches it.

The rules of the Chrono Bomb is simple- players try to avoid the maze of “lasers” in order to diffuse the “timebomb”. Kids can try crawling, hopping and shimmying in order to go through the laser field and get to the bomb in time to diffuse it before it detonates. But players should be careful- touching the laser string will cause the timer to accelerate the countdown.

The Chrono Bomb Game is an exciting and fun game that will help kids become more active. This way they can always get their dose of exercise to stay fit while having fun. Ideal for kids from 7 years old and above, the Chrono Bomb Game is available at Fat Brain Toys for $36.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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