Choo Choo Locomotive Learning Toy

Sensory development is an important part of kids growing up. From the time they begin to see, hear and produce sound, babies try to explore and understand it all. It is a slow process of trial and error for the kids to learn. Over time, they eventually get it. We as parents can help them develop faster by providing them with toys that not only stimulate their mind, but also their senses. The Choo Choo Locomotive Learning Toy is an ideal choice for toddlers in this aspect.

The Choo Choo Locomotive Learning Toy is designed for some sensory development and early learning fun. It is a plush toy designed to look like a fun locomotive character. Attached to it is a single-button remote control covered in velvety fabric that aids in helping develop finger strength and motor skills. Once the button is pressed, kids are flooded with several realistic sounds that a train makes. The toy train also shudders and moves. The train also has a plush handle that allows the kids to explore the other parts of the train, from the wheels to its smokestack. The toy train also has a reach-in window and a child-safe mirror as well. The Choo Choo Locomotive Learning Toy is designed for multi-sensory stimulation. Kids will have lots of fun time playing with this plush toy train that shudders, sounds and moves like any train. The Choo Choo Locomotive Learning Toy is ideal for kids from 3 months and up. It is available at Melissa & Doug for $20.

Image Source: Melissa & Doug

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