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Chalktrail Bike Chalk

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When kids ride a bike, it can sometimes get to boring enough that they try to think up of other things that they can do while on it. Sometimes some would come to discover dragging chalk while biking to create a trail. Here’s the unique Chalktrail Bike Chalk that would make it easier for kids to do.

The Chalktrail Bike Chalk is a special device that kids can attach to their bikes that also holds a large chalk at the back end. When kids go biking, the Chalktrail leaves a distinctive chalk trail on the road. Kids can become creative and draw shapes on the flat surface with their bikes and with the Chalktrail attached to it. Not only that, it can also be useful for parents as a low-tech tracking device trying to know where their kids may have gone biking. It may even be useful in case the kids get lost along the way. They simply try to follow their trail back, thanks to the Chalktrail Bike Chalk. The Chalktrail has recently been introduced at the Toy Fair 2012 and has been getting quite a warm reception that the demand for has overtaken supplies that its makers currently have available. But when it does become available again, it is expected to cost around US$20. There is also a scooter version for the Chalktrail that’s available for US$15.

Image Source: Chalktrail

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