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Caterpillar Activity Balls

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Kids love doing certain activities. Not only does it make them have fun, it also helps them learn and develop certain skills. Babies and toddlers especially like getting their hands into things. Having toys like the Caterpillar Activity Balls help stimulate and develop their early minds while having fun.

The Caterpillar Activity Balls features different activities that aim to stimulate the baby’s early senses. It features five rolling balls that connect and separate as kids play with them. Each ball is designed differently to provide kids with different sensory stimulation. One ball is filled with colorful beads that make sounds whenever kids roll them. Another ball comes with a colorful panel inside that spins when it moves. Another ball comes with a different texture to the other ones. Another simply connects the other balls. Another ball comes with a smiley face and a rubber antenna that is ideal for teething babies.

Kids can try to play with the Caterpillar Activity Balls one by one. They can also try connecting them together and play with them as a single unit. It helps kids develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination as well as their different senses. The Caterpillar Activity Balls is ideal for kids from 6 months old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $10.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys


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