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Castle Panic Board Game

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Most kids have heard about tower defense games through playing them in smartphones and tablets. Most kids now know how such games are played. But aside from playing them from portable devices, kids may want to know that they can also play tower defense games as a board game. There is the Castle Panic Board Game that kids may want to try out.

Castle Panic is a tower defense board game that lets players win or lose together. In this type of game, it is either the players or the monsters who win. It involves trying to defend the castle from invading monsters. In this setup, each player tries to defend a castle at the center of the board from the onslaught of monsters. Players need to cooperate through strategy in order to avoid losing to the invasion. They trade cards with each other, hit and slay the monsters and strategize to keep the castle towers intact. Players need to keep that balance of working together with a desire to win in order to succeed in the game.

Castle Panic comes with a game board, a rulebook, 49 castle cards, 49 monster tokens, 6 walls, 6 towers, 12 plastic stands, 1 tar token, 2 fortify tokens, 6 order of play cards and 1 die. The board game is good for 1 to 6 players. Kids from 10 years old and above can play the game. The Castle Panic Board Game is available at Think Geek for $35.

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