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Candy Craft Chocolate Pen

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Many kids find it fun to play with their food. But parents try to shun the idea. After all, food is meant to be eaten, not played with. But there are certain instances when it is perfectly okay for kids to play with food. Playing with this Candy Craft Chocolate Pen is just but one good example.

The Candy Craft Chocolate Pen from Skyrocket Toys is an interesting way to teach kids how to be creative with food. This pen uses chocolate as its ink. This oversized pen uses tubes of edible liquid chocolate available in different colors for writing. A built-in electric motor extrudes the chocolate out and through the pen tip. Kids can then use the pen to write names in chocolate ink on paper. They can also use it to decorate other foodstuff with chocolate. The Candy Craft Chocolate Pen is also a good way to accurately place chocolate into molds.

Once kids are done drawing chocolate artwork or writing names in chocolate, they can wait a while for the chocolate to cool and harden. Then they can show off their creations to friends or family members. After that, they can eat it heartily and start all over again. It is a win-win situation from a kid’s point of view. The Candy Craft Chocolate Pen is expected to be available in stores this fall for $30.

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