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Butterfly Threading Game

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Many kid girls love to play with toys that can enhance their creativity. Although they may not know about such concepts, girls as young as toddlers may already be exploring their creative sides in different ways. But it is usually through imitating their parents that they begin to see some focus into their creative tasks. For example, small girls will start to develop a knack for sewing by watching their mothers do it. While it may not be safe to give kids some needle and thread, alternatives like this Butterfly Threading Game will help provide a safer sewing route that kids can try.

The Butterfly Threading Game can help introduce kids to the world of creative sewing. It features a wooden butterfly board with holes and accessories in different shapes for sewing. In this game, kids do not need needles to sew the pieces together into the butterfly board. Thick red threads with a shoelace point at one end and a bead on the other help secure the pieces together. Kids only need to learn how to weave the large threads into the different holes and using the different tiles to create patterns on the wooden board. Kids can sew flowers, hearts, circles and others into the butterfly board. Two double-sided template cards can help kids start off sewing with designs they can try out. Once they get the hang of it, leave it up to the imagination of the little seamstresses to create their own designs.

The Butterfly Threading Game comes with the butterfly board, 42 tiles in different shapes, 3 threads and 2 double-sided design templates. This toy helps kids develop their fine motor skills as well as their creativity, logic and sequencing skills. This toy is available at Fat Brain Toys for $19.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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