Bridge Direct Flying Heroes Action Figures

Kids love super heroes. Each one has a favorite super hero character that they try to emulate. That is why kids love playing with their favorite super hero action figures. It is even better when the action figures can fly.  Kids will certainly love playing with the Flying Heroes Action figures from Bridge Direct.

The Flying Heroes Action Figures are unique in that they are designed to fly. Each of the Flying Heroes comes with each character fitted with “wings” under each arm. The action figure is also accompanied with a pistol-grip launcher mechanism. Kids only need to place the action figure into the launcher to make it fly. Once attached, kids only need to pull on the launcher drawstring and the action figure will spin and fly off.

The Flying Heroes Action Figures come in three iconic super hero characters- Superman, Spiderman and Batman. Each action figure comes with a launcher designed with their respective logos on the side. Kids can choose their favorite super hero or they can collect all three. This flying toy is designed for kids from 4 years old and above. It is available at Amazon for  around $17.

Image Source: Amazon

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