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BrickStix Reusable Decals

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Kids love to play with building sets such as Legos. They love building houses, communities or even just other objects using those building blocks. But most of the time, these building sets do not come with unique stickers to make them versatile building blocks for different builds. Most of the time, the stickers they do come with can only be used once. It is a good thing that there are reusable and removable stickers as available alternatives in the BrickStix Reusable Decals.

The BrickStix Reusable Decals are reusable and removable stickers that kids can use on their Legos or other building sets. They come in a variety of sets, depending on what you wish to build with your Lego blocks. What makes them unique is that they can be removed and used for other blocks as needed. The BrickStix Reusable Decals do not have sticky adhesives to make them stay in place. They simply use the magic of static cling to make them easy to attach and remove. There are a wide range of cling decals and stickers available for kids to choose from depending on what they plan to create using their Lego and other building blocks. Each set comes with two duplicate sheets of 84 cling decals to use. They are available at the BrickStix site for $6 a set.

Image Source: BrickStix

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