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Brandon the Brave Game

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Kids love adventures. But unfortunately, they cannot always get out of the home and get into some adventures. Most of the time they get to imagine their adventures while at home. But it will be a better deal to have an adventure in a form of a board game. Brandon the Brave game can offer kids this kind of adventure mixed in with some fun and enjoyment.

The Brandon the Brave game is a fun and exciting knights adventure game that many kids will love to play. The game involves kids trying to become a knight. But before they do, they need to start as a knight-in-training. In order to become a knight, players need to accomplish tasks along the way.

The Brandon the Brave game makes use of field tiles and task cards as important components of the game. Players start off by getting a certain number of task cards equally. Then with the castle field tile on the table, players take turn placing a field tile and completing their task cards by placing them on the board as quickly as they can. On each player’s turn, one should connect a tile by putting it on a tile on the table with matching sides- an open field to open field, a jousting arena to jousting arena and so on and so forth. There is also a way to connect landscape tiles with the colored crosses. Do that and players can then play their task cards into the board. The game goes on and on with players taking turns placing field tiles and task cards on the board. The player who accomplishes all of the task cards by placing them on the board wins the game and gets to accompany Brandon the Brave to a knight’s adventure.

The Brandon the Brave game helps develop a child’s visual recognition skills as well as their logical and light strategy skills. The game set includes 36 field tiles, a knight figure, 18 task cards and a detailed game instruction booklet. The tiles and cards are made of thick and strong cardboard while the knight figure is made of strong beech wood. The Brandon the Brave game set is ideal for kids from 5 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $15.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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