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Brain Dice

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When you think of playing with dice, you usually also consider playing games of chance. Many board games feature the use of dice as part of the game play. It can sometimes bring in the fun element of chance to equalize players’ chances of winning. But not all types of dice are made the same. This Brain Dice takes more than chance to make you win.

The Brain Dice is designed to give kids a mental challenge. It comes with your typical cube dice with different dots on each side to indicate numbers. There is also this unique dice housing that works to complete the puzzle piece. Kids can place and remove the dice by pressing them into the cube slots. This unique dice housing features four arms with slots indicating three dots which are either filled or blank.

A player rolls the dice and then place each die face on the dice housing slot with their side facing out. the objective of the game is them to try and surround each die face with the matching value of dots by twisting the cap on each arm slot. But it is not as easy as it seems. When players twist each arm, it also changes the dots on the other side of the die face. It takes some mental focus and strategy to be able to match the dots with the dice on every single side. And once one is able to do just that, a roll of the dice will come up with another mental challenge to solve.

The Brain Dice encourages kids to develop their number skills as well as their logic and critical thinking abilities. This mental challenge is ideal for kids from 9 years old and above. The Brain Dice game is available at Fat Brain Toys for $20.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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