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Brain Cheeser Puzzle Game

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Kids who love puzzles like the idea of being able to solve them. The effort they show when looking for puzzle solutions allows them to become more creative and imaginative.  Discovering the solution for the first time becomes a proud achievement for them. For kids who love such challenges, the Brain Cheeser Puzzle Game will provide more than enough puzzles for kids to handle.

The Brain Cheeser Puzzle Game is an interesting board game for kids. It features a game board with numbered circles. There are also rectangular pieces of cheese with holes in them and round mice pieces, with the size corresponding to the size of the numbered circles on the game board. The different pieces are magnetized so that they can easily stick to the game board while playing.

The main objective of the game is to arrange the different cheese pieces in a way that the mice pieces of the game board are peering through the holes. The holes in the cheese pieces should form full circles where the mice can take a peek. Puzzle is solved when all the mice pieces are peeking through the cheese on the game board.

The Brain Cheeser comes with 48 different puzzle challenges to try out. The game board set also comes with instructions on how to set up each puzzle on the game board. The different puzzle pieces are magnetized so that they are convenient to play with during long vacation trips. The Brain Cheeser game is ideal for kids from 6 years old and above. It is available at Smart Games for around $10.

Image Source: Smart Games

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