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Bowling Friends Preschool Playset

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Early physical activity is essential for a kid’s growth and development. That is why playing games is highly encouraged among toddlers. Not only does it help build muscles to make kids strong by the day, physical activity also help them achieve better control over their body. A fun and simple activity that can help kids this way is the Bowling Friends Preschool Playset.

The Bowling Friends Preschool Playset introduces kids to the sport of bowling early. It is an ideal physical activity that toddlers can find fun, enjoyable and safe. It comes with soft plastic material that is light for kids to move around as well as control. The bowling pins come in the form of brightly colored animal characters that kids can identify with. It is easy for kids to bring down the pins using the uniquely colored bowling ball.

The Bowling Friends Preschool Playset helps kids develop different skills while at play. They can improve motor skills by learning to arrange the pins and put it down using the bowling ball. The toy can also help develop a child’s cognitive skills through identifying the different types of animal characters, colors and features. The Bowling Friends Preschool Playset is ideal for kids from 2 years old and above. It is available at Melissa and Doug for $25.

Image Source: Melissa and Doug

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