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Kids love to try and do different things. The toys they like can be varied by what they can experience and get from it. If it is something unique they can do when they play with such toys, then they find it interesting and fun. This Bouncycle may just be the thing to make kids find fun in doing something new.

The Bouncycle is a toddler version of the usual balance bike. Like everything else, it looks like a fun and colorful design of a two-wheeled bike for small kids. But in the Bouncycle, kids can bounce it as they go. The Bouncyle wheels are designed to be wide so as to help kids maintain their balance. But it is not too wide to make the challenge of riding this balance bike any easier. The soft, non-marking wheels also make it ideal for use on different surfaces without causing any commotion.

The kids can kick off to move the Bouncycle around and steer it from its kid-sized handles. It helps toddlers learn to develop their balance as well as strengthen their muscles, develop their posture as well as enhance their gross motor skills. The Bouncycle is ideal for kids from 18 months to 3 years old and will help prepare them for riding a full bicycle as they grow up. The Bouncycle is available at Fat Brain Toys for $70.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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