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BotleyThe Coding Robot Activity Set

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Learning to code for computers has become an important skill to develop. Starting early with kids will give them the advantage of developing their minds to learn code. There are many fun ways that can teach kids how to understand and learn the world of computer coding. The BotleyThe Coding Robot Activity Set is just one of them.
The Botley The Coding Robot Activity Setallows kids to develop a their skills for computer programming early. This activity set offers a unique way of teaching kids the skill- by using a programmable robot. The robot has no display screen. Instead, kids learn how to program the robot to perform certain activities by using coding cards. Each card comes with code that causes the robot to function a certain way. Kids need to arrange the coding cards into a sequence in order to make the robot perform certain tasks.
The Botley The Coding Robot Activity Set also comes with a remote programmer where kids can punch in commands to control the robot. Botley the robot also comes with detachable arms and built-in sensors to allow it to detect obstacles and move around them. Kids playing with the Botley The Coding Robot Activity Set not only will help kids develop an interest in computer programming at an early age, it can also help develop their spatial reasoning, logic, planning, creativity as well as their problem-solving skills. This activity set is ideal for kids from 5 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for around $75.
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