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Boon Pipe Building Bath Toy

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It can sometimes be a puzzle for parents how kids love to play with water but hate taking a bath. Sometimes it is not bathing itself that kids hate. It is the lack of play they get during bath time. Parents will have an easy task during bath time if kids find it fun. After kids discover that they can continue playing even while taking a bath, then all will be easy. Parents can make it more enjoyable by having toys like the Boon Pipe Building Bath Toy around.

The Boon Pipe Building Bath Toy can add some instant fun element to bath time. It comes with a set of colorful transparent pipes that can easily stick to bathtub walls. There is a straight pipe, a “T” pipe, an elbow pipe, and two action pipes with wheels that spin when water flows through it. The pipes connect to each other or they can be arranged separately. Kids will have fun building water contraptions using the pipes and watch how water flows through their wacky contraptions. Kids can learn to experiment and be creative in putting the series of pipes together. Kids can create waterfalls or a one long pipe where water can flow from end to end.

The Boon Pipe Building Bath Toy is made out of safe BPA-free materials. It is an ideal bath toy for kids a year old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $17.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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