Boogie Board Color LCD eWriter

Taking notes may be going out of fashion even among kids. Most kids today prefer typing rather than writing down notes. After all, it is a more convenient option with tablets, laptops and even smartphones around. But writing is something that kids should not lose as they grow. But with devices competing with notepads and notebooks with pens or pencils, it may seem like a losing battle. But parents can also use technology to their advantage in this aspect by having the Boogie Board Color LCD eWriter around.

The Boogie Board Color LCD eWriter is a wonderful substitute for the classic notepad for kids to write on. It features a paperless LCD writing tablet where kids can write on using an included stylus. The kids will be fascinated by how this LCD writing board is able to capture what they are drawing and writing. It requires lesser pressure to create lines on the screen. The writing surface is durable as it is made of scratchproof and shatterproof plastic LCD. It is also thin enough for kids to carry around conveniently.

The Boogie Board Color LCD eWriter is a good alternative for memo pads, sketchbook, notepads or even dry erase boards. It is even a tree-friendly alternative to paper. Kids can have a fun time using the Boogie Board Color LCD eWriter to draw or write to their heart’s content. Just a press of the erase button and the kids can start writing anew on a clean slate. The Boogie Board Color LCD eWriter is ideal for kids as little as 2 years old with a penchant for writing and drawing. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $32.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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