Blume Doll

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Kids can be quite picky when it comes to toys. When it comes to choosing what to have nowadays, kids watch out for trendy or popular toys. Sometimes they look for unique ones. For the girls out there, the new Blume Dolls will surely capture such attention.

The Blume Dolls are not just typical dolls that girls play with. The dolls come inside a covered flower pot, which is just a part of the surprise. Kids then add a few drops of water into the pot and something magical happens- a doll slowly blooms right before your eyes. The first thing kids will see is the growing hairdo. Each doll comes with a unique hairdo that kids will find out once they water them. And once the bloom is complete, the dolls then come to life with their fabulous do’s.

Along with the Blume Doll, the flower pot itself opens up and becomes a playset along with accessories that complements each doll. With a variety of different dolls available, kids can have a lot of fun collecting each one and then switching with the different accessories they come with. The Blume Dolls are ideal for girls from 5 years old and above. There is an initial collection of 22 dolls available when they come out sometime during the summer of this year. Each one is expected to retail for around $10.

Image Source: Blume Dolls

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