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Bloxels Building Set 

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Creativity in kids starts with an idea and the tools and materials available. All these combine to enable kids to develop the different aspects of their mental skills. Interesting toys like the  Bloxels Building Set will certainly help kids improve in this part of their physical development. It combines a building set and video game design to allow kids a different way to harness their creativity.

The Bloxels Building Set is not just a kid’s typical building set. Its basic feature is a grid board that allows kids to create some pixel art with colored blocks. But it does more than that. With the use of the free Bloxels Builder App, the design can become a part of a video game. Kids can learn to use the grid board to create different maps for their video game. The different colors of the blocks represent the different features of the game- green is for the ground, purple is for enemies, yellow is for coins and so on and so forth. Kids can also use the grid board and the blocks in order to create a video game character, different puzzle levels, background textures and more. Using the app, kids can then capture the grid board and the arranged blocks using a smartphone or tablet camera.  Kids can then use the image and assign it as a part of the video game.

The Bloxels Building Set also comes with a detailed guidebook that contain activities to help guide the kids on building that first video game. The set comes with a grid board, 320 blocks as well as a 13-bit Builder Challenge poster. Kids can then explore different video game ideas and integrating other features such as creating characters and villains, adding in power-ups, designing game maps and puzzles and more. This building set can help kids develop their creativity, logic, planning and their visual-spatial skills. It can also help kids develop better focus as they try to build their own video game from start to finish. The Bloxels Building Set is ideal for kids from 8 years old and above and is available at Fat Brain Toys for $45.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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