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Blokus Board Game

by admin

Imagine Tetris being played on a board game. It sounds like it while playing Blokus by Mattel. This strategy board game promotes creative spatial thinking.

The aim of the game is for players to fit all of their Tetris-like pieces onto the board. Unlike that iconic game, however, players are not allowed to place a piece adjacently to any other piece. Instead, the piece must touch at least one corner of their piece already on the board. The first player to get rid of all their tiles, or with the least number of tiles when the board has no more possible moves, is the winner. Strategy lies in blocking moves from your opponent.

Blokus can be played by two to four players ages five and up. Even adults might find this game engaging and challenging. It has received multiple awards, including one from Mensa for promoting healthy brain activity.

The game is available in Amazon for a listed price of $25.99. It includes 84 pieces in four vibrant colors, an instruction guide, and a 20 x 20-square gameboard.

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