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Blockitecture Architectural Building Set

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You do not have to be an adult in order to appreciate design. Even kids love and appreciate good design if they see one. Buildings most especially catch their attention. Probably because kids see these huge and impressively designed buildings as interesting that they develop an appreciation for them. Some would even imagine trying to build their own cityscape of building if they have the chance. Now they can with the Blockitecture set of building blocks.

Blockitecture is an architectural building block set that allows kids to build a cityscape of buildings. Designed by James Paulius, the Blockitecture building set comes with cantilever and nest hexagonal blocks with unique irregular shapes that allow kids to become more creative in designing a block of towers, dwellings and even cities. Multiple sets can allow kids to build even larger cityscapes. It becomes even more interesting how kids learn how to visualize and build cities using more and more of these unique building blocks.

The Blockitecture blocks are made with New Zealand pine and come with building window designs in a variety of colors. The Blockitecture building set is ideal for kids from 7 years old and above. It is not suitable for younger kids due to the small size of the blocks that can be a potential choking hazard. It is available at Areaware for $25 in sets of ten block pieces.

Image Source: Areaware

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